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Importing products is also easy as well as the other features. WOOEXIM allow you to fetch all data from CVS file and create, skip or update product if already exist in your store.


This feature allows to you for update your store or change your store from local to live or any other. In any situation if you transfer store product data from one site to another this will capable for it.


Important Note :

Imported product can not be Revoked and any reverse operation are not available after import complete, so first backup your store data before you import any data.

Import Preview
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Importing Product options


A) Select File to Import

The file for imported product, only CVS file is allowed and only this plugin exported file can be allowed for Import Product. Any other file can be Harmful for your store.

If you problem with upload file so you can change you file upload limit from server, Or you can First export Limited records and import one by one.


B) Enter URL to Import

If you file is online then only file URL through you can import product. just enter URL for file.

File is copy via php copy or CURL function so check permission for file. if file dose not exist than no operation can be performed. So please check File correct URL and then click import file.


C) Select Category for Product

If you want to create or update product with new category by importing CVS, Than select category for all product that are in CVS file.

Default : original category in CVS, if you leave it blank.


D) Product Create / Update / Skip

If Product already available in you store than what can do? this allow you to skip, create or update product if product already available in your store. if product is not found in your store than it will be created.

There are option available for skip, update or create product select one option that is best for your store.

Product duplication is found on basis of SKU. so sku must be unique in your store. Empty SKU can not be consider.

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