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When you activate the plugin, the setup wizard will appear which should guide you through the important settings required to view and manager your customers. The setup wizard consists of three steps:

General Options

After you click on Let’s Go, you will be shown with a few general options to start configuring:

Setup wizard general options
  • Username – select how you want the username to be created. For example, you can have the username be the first and last name entered i.e. johnsmith or you can have it as the email address entered.
  • Value – this is very important as it dictates how the figures are shown inside the Customers table. Default is ‘Completed’. This will mean that the number of sales and total value will only take into account orders with the status set to ‘Completed’
  • Automatic Emails – enable this if you want automatic emails to be sent to the customer when manually adding them to the CRM. The email includes their username and generated password.

Fetch Customers

These options affect how the customers are loaded inside the Customers table:

Setup wizard fetch customers
  • User Roles – select the user roles which you would like to include in the customer relationship manager. Default value for this is ‘Customer’ which comes with WooCommerce by default.
  • Guest Customers – enable this if you would like to include Guest Customers (customers who do not create an account when making a purchase).
  • Unique Identifier – select the unique ID for the customer, for example, which field out of the customer should be unique. A clear explanation for this can be found under Unique Identifier Example.
  • Customer Name Format – select how you want the names to appear in the customers table i.e. John Smith or Smith, John.

Load Customers

This part of the setup wizard is where the plugin will load the customers into the table. This duration of this process will depend on the performance of your server and how many customers you have. A count is made to give you an idea on how many users, guests as well as the success/failure rate when loading the customers.

Setup wizard load customers

Click Start Load to begin the process.

Wait patiently for the customers to load, you will see the results below as they are loaded. This could be a good indicator on how fast your server and the process is.

Setup wizard loaded customers

After the loading of the customers is complete, you will see a list of successful loads and failed loads as well as the duration it took to add each customer. To finish the installation, click on Continue.

Finish Installation

The installation is now complete, you can go ahead and view your customers!

Setup wizard complete
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