How To Add Products To WooCommerce Store

How To Add Products To WooCommerce Store

There are various kinds of products that you can add to your online store. In this tutorial you will about the basics of adding a product and how to define the different types of products you add to your store. You will also learn about adding descriptions and prices as well as other options you have while adding products to your store.

Product Data – Type of Products

When adding a product, you will have the choice of these different options.

Simple Product – this is a single physical product that has no variations.

Simple Product Virtual – an example of this would be a service, such as hourly consulting.

Simple Product Downloadable – this is both virtual and downloadable, such as an ebook or a music file.

Grouped Product – A collection of products that are related but can be purchased separately. An example would be different models of the iMac from Apple.

External/Affiliate Product – A product your will add to your store but buyers will be sent to another site to purchase it. Affiliates work well or products you may make a commission on.

Variable Product – Some products will have different variations and multiple images. For example a t-shirt, that comes in different sizes and colors, with different prices.

Note: some extensions if installed will add more product date choices, such as subscriptions.

product overview

More Product Fields

Each product will have it own tabs depending on the type. As you can see here, Simple Product has settings for Inventory, Shipping, Linked Products, Attributes and Advanced. These setting are looked at in more detail in other tutorials.

add product overview product settings

Product Descriptions

Each product has two descriptions. And all the editor tools are available for you can format the descriptions as well.

This is the detailed description that shows under the product.

add product overview title and desc

The short description will typically show up next to the product image, price and add to cart.

add product overview short desc

Assigning Categories and Tags

With each product you will be able to assign categories and tags.

add product overview categories and tags

Product Image

And the product image is added as a featured image. You will also be able to create Product Galleries. This is good is a product has different colors, sizes, shapes or you want to provide different angled shots.

Product image sizes will vary from theme to theme and will be given in the themes specific documentation or on the tutorial here.

add product overview images

Product Page

How your product page looks to your customers will depend on your theme. This example is using the Canvas theme.

add product overview final product


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