Meet Your Customers

WooCommerce CRM will help you to enhance the seller to customer relationship. While it may be imperative to bring new orders in, it’s just as important to make sure you keep your existing customers.

New Audience

Existing Customer

New Orders

Track Spending

Leads Becomes Sales

Every audience is a lead. Manage Lead to Customer workflow using customer statuses and delegate agents to customers for personal management. Which will mature a lead to customer and drive sales.

Customer Workflow

Delegate Agent

Lead to Customer

Customer Accounts

Communication Which Matters

To build a relationship with customer you need proper communication. Use every channel you have like phone, email, skype twiter or anything else. Send dynamic email to bulk or single recipient.

Group/Single Email

Customer Centric Task

Phone Email

Follow Ups


WOOEXIM is a quick easy and advance Export – Import plugin for WooCommerce. It gots plenty of cool features which drives it to the number one in the market.

Easy Interface

With it's easy user interface you can easily export and import data.

Ajax Import System

The import system is ajax based, so you just have wait and it does the work.

Product Type

It supports all types of products like variable product, downloadable product.

Multiple Filter

You can set multiple filter option in the export screen like category, status etc.

Fields Management

You can assign the field name beautifully for export file header.

Multi Lingual

This plugin is served with additional 10 other languages.

Custom Field

You can also export custom field from product database.

Custom Attributes

Export custom attributes and option from product database.

Export Preview

Before downloading the export file you can have a export preview window.

Export Archive

All your exports become saved in the export archive, you can download it any time.

Import Preview

You can see a preview of data when importing and make your choices.

Scheduled Export

You can now export product, coupon, customer and orders in schedule.

Send to Email

You can send schedule export data to any email, just name it.

Import by URL

Import data not just only with CSV file but also with remote file URL.

New Categories

You can import New Categories as well as the old categories.


You can create new item or update it or skip that item when matches with existing one.

All Type User

You can just only export customers but all types of users of your website.

Order Status

You can set the order status when importing either it is complete or pending.

Customer Meta

You can also export custom meta information associated with the products.

Amazing Support

We are continuously fixing and upgrading our plugin and ready to answer your question.

WooCommerce CRM Pro comes with lots more features. Give it a try !!!


WooCommerce CRM comes with lot’s of cool feature, you can have an overview on the process from below few screenshots.


We’re continuously upgrading and fixing the issues of WOOEXIM. Please keep yourself connected with our community blog and help to improve & growth both of us.